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Lindsey Hyland

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Lindsey Hyland

Welcome to my kitchen!

I’m Lindsey — the more-than-full-time food photographer, recipe developer, writer, and expensive plate dropper behind Little Pine Kitchen. I started paying attention to food for health reasons — and I started this little venture because I was once where you are today: poking around the internet in search of carb-conscious recipes that didn’t cut back on flavor.
I found myself lost in a sea of fad diets, unreliable resources, confusing terminology, and food that only looked like food. In short: I was overwhelmed, underwhelmed, and hungry for better.
So I decided to take matters into my own hands.
Real Food. Not Rabbit Food.
After years of researching, testing, tasting and tweaking recipes, something clicked: healthy food didn’t have to taste healthy. It could actually taste good. I’d cracked the low carb code!
My cooking became more than a necessity — it was a calling.
Today, my mission of Making Low Carb Less of a Compromise has helped millions of people truly enjoy eating healthier — including many, many unsuspecting dinner guests.
Easy to Make. Hard to Make Better.
My goal is to make the highest quality, easiest to follow, “I can’t believe it’s not sugar” food on the internet. To this end I’m constantly adding fresh recipes, finding new ways to “low-carb-ify” old favorites, highlighting interesting ingredients, sharing different techniques, and of course — testing, re-testing, and often re-re-testing everything in my own kitchen.
So take a look around. Drop me a line with recipe requests, or questions, or just to say “hi”.And above all, give yourself a big old pat on the back. Your search for craveable low carb cooking has finally reached a delicious conclusion.
I hope you enjoy these recipes as much as I enjoy sharing them with you.
- Lindsey