51 Low Carb Desserts For Every Craving

Most low carb eating plans leave out the yummy part. But you don’t have to with this Ultimate Low Carb Dessert List.

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51 Low Carb Desserts For Every Craving

Whether you’re trudging through the Whole 30, getting on the paleo train or simply can’t do gluten anymore, the hardest part of going low carb/no carb is definitely the desserts (and the bread, but that’s another story).

Maybe you’ve got the meal planning part down pat—your salads are epic, grilled salmon on-point and don’t even get us started on those expertly-steamed asparagus spears…

…But, most low-carb meal plans leave out the yummy part—dessert.

Even if you’re more health nut than sweet tooth, a life without dessert starts to feel a little bleak—saying no to birthday cakes or rainy day cookies and tea.

Missing dessert yet? We’ve scoured the web for the most decadent low-carb low sugar desserts, so you don’t have to.

Check out our picks and try to stop that mouth from watering—we dare you.

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Low Carb Desserts You Can Buy

A quick note for those of you low carb foodies who don’t love to bake… there are plenty of options for low carb desserts to buy online and in your local supermarket.

Whether its no carb peanut butter cookies or low carb desserts with cream cheese, diet-inclusive options are all the rage these days.

Here are some options for low carb desserts you can buy… although my personal list of favorites is coming soon!

Low Carb and No Carb Desserts Recipes

Sick of not finding the right desserts for your carb-free lifestyle?

Well, it’s time to take matters into your own hands. Here’s a look at some of our favorite minimal-carb recipes.

Many of these options are relatively easy to prepare, if you’re at that stage where just getting to know your kitchen, while some require a bit more expertise.

Long story short, no matter what your skill set, there’s a low carb dessert recipe perfect for you.



Cookies are the first thing I scour the internet for when my sweet tooth starts acting up.

Luckily for you, this happens quite frequently, and my overactive sweet tooth has allowed me to compiled quite the list of drool-worthy options.

1. Coconut Macaroons with Chocolate, Ginger & Pistachio

by A Tasty Love Story

The unique ingredients used in these coconut macaroons will take your taste buds on wild a ride, making you wonder why you never thought of this delicious combo before…

You’ll first notice a punch of rich coconut flavor, that’s coated with chocolate, and dipped in flavorful candied ginger and pistachios. I mean, come on!

Not to mention, how gorgeous these delectable nibbles are. Literally making them impossible not to eat!

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2. No Bake Cookie Dough Protein Balls

by Well Plated By Erin

Aren’t no-bake recipes the best?!

This is a great go-to dessert for chocolate chip cookie dough lovers… which should be everyone. Plus they’re packed with protein! What’s not to love?

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3. Magic Cookie Bars

by Joy Filled Eats

A true comfort food that’s great to share with the whole family. These cookie bars are made even more delicious by their thoughtfully chosen toppings: chocolate chips, coconut flakes, and walnuts!

Great to partner with coffee, milk, wine… you name it!

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4. Coconut Macaroons

by I Am Gluten Free

First off, who doesn’t love a good macaroon… so much sweet and delicious flavor packed into a tiny little cookie.

And their texture… both soft and crunchy. What more could you ask for!

If that description doesn’t have you running to the kitchen to start baking, how about this: this recipe requires only 5 ingredients!

Which is why macaroons made our list twice. Here’s a traditional recipe for those of you who aren’t big ginger/pistachio fans.

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5. Peanut Butter Cookies

by Veggie Balance

Get this… these protein-rich, gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan-friendly peanut butter cookies only take 25 minutes to make!

With just 4 simple ingredients… say hello to your new go-to cookie recipe.

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6. Almond Flour Chocolate Chips Cookies with Coconut

by The Little Pine

Think you can stop after having just one cookie? Not for this nutritionally packed dessert…

These grain free almond cookies have a delicious crunch thanks to the almonds and sweetness thanks to the chocolate, but are made utterly irresistible by the coconut <3

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7. Crispy Rice Protein Treats

by Andréa’s Protein Cakery

This recipe will blow your mind and forever change your take on rice crispy treats.

They’re protein packed thanks to the addition of vanilla protein powder, combined with brown rice cereal for a delicious crunch.

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8. Lemon Coconut Energy Balls

by Happy Healthy Mama

Lemon and coconut work in harmony to create an uplifting, energy boosting dessert.

In less than 10 minutes, you’ll be experiencing a bite of paradise with these energy balls.

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9. Browned Butter Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie

by Cafe Delites

Tired of typical hand formed or cut out cookies?

Say no more, we have the solution. This cookie recipe. The center is baked to perfection, while the edges have a slight crisp thanks to the skillet.

Not to mention these cookies have an almond flour base, making them guilt-free and delicious.

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10. German Chocolate Cookies

by My Montana Kitchen

Pecans, chocolates, and coconuts, what’s not to love about these German chocolate cookies?

Made even more special by the drizzled caramel and chocolate sauce!

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Brownies & Blondies

Brownies are the dessert you turn to when you want something more portable than a slice of cake, yet more decadent than a cookie.

Who would’ve thought you could find this many recipes that fall into that category in low-carb form?!

11. Skillet Brownies

by Tasteaholics

I’m quickly realizing all desserts should be baked in a skillet… since it creates a wondrous combination of textures; crispy on the outside and soft at its center.

This recipe is very easy and incredibly tasty. Make it even more delicious with a little peanut butter drizzled on top.

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12. Almond Flour Brown Butter Blondies

by 2 Desserts a Day

Have a craving for sweets but too busy to bake?

No worries, with this recipe you’ll be chomping down on blondies in less than 30 minutes.

These soft blondies use almond flour for their base, combined with a healthy sprinkle of dark chocolate, leaving you completely satisfied!

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13. Brownie Batter Overnight Protein Oats

by Running On Real Food

Nothing says good morning better than a bowl of dessert, or overnight oats, for breakfast.

This, without a doubt, will start your day with a smile. Make it even more tasty with peanut butter, banana and chocolate chips as toppings!

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14. Fudge Protein Brownies

by Gimme Delicious Food

These brownies are flour-less, eggs-less, sugar-less and oil-less. With options to make them either vegan and paleo (depending on the protein powder you use).

The perfect brownies for your low-carb life!

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15. White Chocolate Peanut Butter Blondies

by Joy Filled Eats

These blondies are worth their very own cheat day.

They’re packed with healthy fats and protein thanks to the peanut and cacao butter, bound together using coconut and almond flour, and sweetened by Joy Filled Eat’s very own sweetener recipe – making them a perfect low sugar treat!

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16. Cheesecake Brownies

by The Foodie Affair

Cheesecake and brownies combined?

You heard that right! These gorgeous cheesecake brownies will definitely leave you wanting more. Perfect for those avoiding wheat flour, as they’re made with almond and coconut flour.

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Cakes, Cheesecakes & Tarts

Cakes, cheesecakes and tarts, oh my!

It’s impossible not to find something you’ll want to chow down on in this section… everything from mug cake to peanut butter pie in all their low carb glory!


17. Key Lime Cheesecake

by Mother Thyme

This Key Lime Cheesecake is a dream come true for my fellow cheesecake fans. Best part about it? You wont even know it’s a healthier version of the classic dish!

Its citrus flavor is perfect for summer, and requires only a few ingredients to make!

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18. Chocolate Tart

by Sugar Free Londoner

Move over boring ole tart, we have a new favorite. This tart posses a creamy texture complimented by a delicious coconut and chocolate flavor. The recipe suggests adding a little brandy for an additional twist!

To make it even better, this gorgeous tart is sugar-free!

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19. French Butter Cream Frosting

by Low Carb Maven

Frosting is always associated with high sugar and carbs. But not this recipe! So frost away!

It has a smooth and creamy texture, making it perfect for any low-carb cake, cookie or cupcake.

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20. Low Carb Egg Bakes with Blueberries and Cinnamon  

by 730 Sage Street 

Interested in a unique way to spice up your morning egg routine? Look no further, this dish is like no other

Enjoy the sweetness of fresh blueberries in this egg bake. Can be served warm or cold.

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21. Raspberry No Bake Cheesecake

by My Life Cookbook

How cute are these cheesecake jars?!

Not to mention, they’re no-bake… one of my favorite phrases when describing dessert. Feast on the health benefits of raspberries and the magnificent taste of cream cheese. Quick, easy and quite a delicious sweet tooth satisfier!

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22. Vanilla Mug Cake

by The Big Man’s World

This cake is paleo, vegan, gluten-free, grain-free, and sugar-free… try to say that five times fast… making it a delicious option for just about any dietary lifestyle.

Plus it takes just 1-minute to make! It’s got that fluffy and moist texture we all crave when day dreaming of cake, without the sugar and carbs to weigh us down!

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23. Brownie Cheesecake

by All Day I Dream About Food

This immaculate looking gluten-free cheesecake will lure you in with it’s beauty and win you over with its flavor. It’s a fusion of the two most beloved desserts. Upon tasting it you’d never guess it’s low carb!

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24. Peanut Butter Pie

by Life Tastes Good

This creamy and delicious pie is a no-bake. Not to mention it requires only 3 ingredients… all of which are low-carb worthy!

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25. Cheesecake

by Wholesome Yum

This scrumptious looking cheesecake has a perfect texture that’s both crisp, from the crust, and soft, from the creamy filling.

It can be easily made with just 8 ingredients and not much time at all! Plus it’s gluten free… whoot whoot!

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Sweet Breads & Muffins


Go for one of these bread or muffin recipes when you’re craving something sweet but want to pretend like you’re eating something a little less sinful.

They also make for the perfect “welcome to the neighborhood” treat!

26. Double Chocolate Muffins

by Foodie Fiasco

These muffins are perfect for those looking to satisfy a high protein diet, but still have a mean sweet tooth.

Made from, chocolate protein powder, they’re a guilt free dessert or post workout snack!

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27. Blueberry Bread

by The Little Pine

Loaded with all kinds of nutrients, this blueberry bread will be your new favorite paleo and gluten-free snack. Enjoy the fresh blueberry taste with a hint of coconut and lemon flavoring… your taste buds will be stoked!

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28. Chocolate Peanut Butter Loaf

by Sugar-Free Mom

We all know peanut butter and chocolate are the ideal flavor combo. Now incorporate that into a bread recipe and bam! You’ve got your new best friend.

Not to mention, this loaf is gluten-free, grain-free,and sugar-free.

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29. Paleo Pumpkin Bread

by The Little Pine

No matter the time of year, this pumpkin bread is the dessert you’ve been searching for.

It has just the right amount of sweetness to compliment just about any dish you serve it with. Made with coconut flour, and a ton of eggs to rev up the protein content, plus an ample amount of fiber thanks to the pumpkin… enjoy!

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30. Monkey Bread

by Desserts with Benefits

Does any bread bring back the childhood memories like monkey bread? This cinnamon pull apart bread is loaded with fiber, sweetened with stevia, and held together by a combination of gluten free flours – making it the perfect low carb dessert bread for any occasion!

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Frozen Desserts & Milk Shakes


Put down the cookie dough ice cream and waffle cone…

… and check out these recipes. Your body will thank you for eating the less processed, lower sugar added version. And who knows, your tastebuds may be equally as satiated!

31. Fruity and Frozen Superfood Yogurt Bites

by Emily Kyle Nutrition

Step up your yogurt game with these cute, heart-shaped yogurt bites! Perfect for any time you’re craving something sweet, or want to impress your friends with a high protein dessert.

Emily Kyle shows you the secret to making yogurt even more smooth and creamy.

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32. Chocolate Frozen Greek Yogurt

by A Dash of Soul

We all love frozen yogurt, but most of us hate how we feel after eating it… which as you know is because of the low fat/protein to high sugar ratio.

So, why not try this frozen greek yogurt?

Trust. This will become a fast favorite of yours, and you’ll wonder why you haven’t been combining yogurt and chocolate all along!

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33. Coconut Blueberry Smash Pops

by Wallflower Kitchen

You’re only four ingredients and five minutes away from enjoying these gorgeous pops.

A truly refreshing treat, this recipe is a great option no matter your dietary lifestyle as they’re gluten, soy and dairy free – plus they’re vegan and paleo!

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34. Frozen Yogurt Bark with Pomegranate & Dark Chocolate

by Live Eat Learn

From one quick glance at this yogurt bark recipe, you know you want to try it.

A beautiful combination of dark chocolate, pomegranate seeds, and shredded coconut packs in an incredible amount of goodness into each and every bite!

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35. Strawberry Frozen Yogurt

by Just a Taste

Here’s another one of the INCREDIBLE recipes that takes only five minutes and four ingredients to make.

It’s the ideal refreshingly delicious summer dessert for the whole family… kid’s love the color and you’ll love the ingredient list. Swimsuit body approved!

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36. Skinny Vanilla Protein Milkshake

by The Chunky Chef

First, who doesn’t love a milkshake? You better have all said yes. Second, who doesn’t love a milkshake that’s high in protein, low in carbs and contains less than 200 calories?! I though so!

With a thick and creamy consistency, this shake is just like the real thing, except it gives you long-lasting energy instead of a sugar comma.

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37. Jello Pops

by My Life Cookbook

This recipe is easy peasy. Made from only 2 ingredients, it’s ultra refreshing and the perfect summer treat.

Plus it’s loved by both kids and adults!

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38. Frozen Yogurt Bites

by I Heart Vegetables

These little bites of protein perfection are crazy easy to make, and the perfect on-the-go snack for your busy work week.

The yogurt is nice and cooling for a hot summer day, which is complimented but the crunchy granola on top. Trust. Once you try, you’ll be making these over and over again.

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Puddings & Mousse


The perfect after meal dessert is waiting for you below… Puddings are an awesome way to customize your tastebud’s every desire.

Add a little more of this, sprinkle a little more of that.. and you’ve got your ideal dessert waiting to satiate every last dessert desires!

39. Instant Frozen Coffee Pudding

by Briana Thomas

Hot coffee in summer? Not a chance.

Solution? This coffee pudding! Enjoy its soft, fluffy, and creamy texture, with an added boost in energy from the caffeine!

To make it Insta-post-worthy… try topping it with whipped cream / dark chocolate shavings and pouring it into a mason jar.

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40. Cheesecake Mousse

by This Southern Girl Can

2 ingredients?! Oh ya, that’s not a typo.

Super easy, and quick dessert that’s sure to become a fast family fave!

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41. Matcha Green Tea Chia Seed Pudding

by Desserts With Benefits

We’re all looking for ways to add a bit more matcha into our lives…

Well look no further, this chia seed pudding is just what the doctor ordered. Packed with Omega-3’s from the chias, and antioxidants from the matcha, this pudding is too healthy not to eat!

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42. Chocolate Peanut Butter Chia Pudding

by A Saucy Kitchen

If you’re only pudding experiences were plastic containers at your childhood soccer games, then brace yourself. You’re about to be wowed.

Chia seed pudding is loaded with tons of healthy nutrients and a distinct texture. Once the chia seeds have soaked in liquid for a few hours, they produce a gel that engulfs their crunchy interior. The result is a pudding like consistency, complimented by whatever flavors you add to its liquid base.

I love making this before bed and enjoying a bowl full for breakfast.

Add whatever toppings you fancy to your new favorite chocolate pudding!

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Has the topic of dessert got you dreaming of chocolate? Yeah, us too.

That’s why we’ve dedicated a whole section to low carb chocolate dessert recipes. Here are some decadent choices perfect for when you’re feeling down or ready to celebrate.

43. Chocolate & Peanut Butter Freezer Fudge

by Ambitious Kitchen

This no-bake fudge is quick, easy, and delicious!

It also happens to be vegan, gluten free, dairy free, and paleo, you can’t go wrong!

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44. Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

by Seasonly Creations

We’ve already established that peanut butter and chocolate is the world’s most delicious ingredient combo.

However, most of us reading this article have probably decided to eliminate (or cut down on) our Reeses addiction.

Ergo, this recipe is the PERFECT substitute! According to Seasonly Creations, each cup has 3g of carbs and is keto friendly. Not to mention how crazy easy they are to make in your very own kitchen.

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45. Coconut Bars

by Simply So Healthy

These delicious looking bars were cleverly created using ice cube trays.

They utilize the dreamy combo of coconut and chocolate, with a few extra ingredients to balance out the carbs.

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46. Bounty Bars

by Keto Diet App

Nothing beats the peanut butter and chocolate combo, except, maybe, for some of us, the coconut and chocolate one.

Enjoy these keto and paleo friendly bounty bars, with it’s shredded coconut interior and delicious chocolate dipped exterior.

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47. Almond Butter Cups

by The Little Pine
Healthy Almond Butter Cups | The Little Pine

Don’t give up your favorite childhood sweet just because you’re an adult…

Just make a healthier version! Such as these almond butter cups. Almonds are higher in protein than peanuts. Plus, the homemade version of these treats doesn’t have all the added sugar and processed ingredients that store bough candy does!

This treat is dairy, grain, and gluten free, making them perfect for vegans and paleos alike!

PS… I strongly suggest topping these with coarse salt to help enhance the richness of the chocolate.

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48. Turtle Candy

by Low Carb Maven

Chewy, caramel candies that literally melt in your mouth… could you ask for anything better?

It’s hard not to enjoy these sweet yet sugar-free candies The crunch of almonds and drizzle of chocolate make them the perfect treat!

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49. Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Fudge

by Peanut Butter Fingers

Trying to balance your carb intake but can’t get your mind off fudge? You’re not alone…

This yummy fudge is what you’ve been looking for. Make it with your favorite chocolate protein powder and add your favorite toppings.

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50. Homemade Marshmallows

by Whole New Mom

For all of the low-carb-ers of the world who thought they had to forever give up their love for marshmallows, think again!

These homemade marshmallows are truly amazing. Just mix a few ingredients to achieve this fluffy, sweet, and sugar free classic!

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51. Peanut Butter Fat Bombs

by Divas Can Cook

These adorable heart shaped candies are called “fats bombs” because they’re made out of peanut butter, coconut oil, cacao and a few other choice ingredients to create this well balanced treat.

The recipe includes a low carb and keto friendly version!

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That’s a wrap for our list of the best low carb desserts!

We’d love to hear from you what your favorite is, or if we missed something you’re craving. Enjoy!